Rabu, 07 September 2011


This time I will give you a simple tutorial about how to add rooms for free without gold or gummies and of course so easy to follow. lets check it up.

1. Download WPE PRO bellow

2. Play ameba pico through opera, mozilla firefox or google chrome browser.
3. Open WPE PRO that you have downloaded then click Target Program, and select Opera.exe or chrome.exe.that you use to play ameba pico or if you use Mozilla Firefox you can select plugin-container.exe.

4. Click add room like the picture below.

 will appear the picture like this.
5.  Click Start logging on the WPE Pro then click Purchase by AmebaGold like the picture above. and click Yes if you get the question window like the picture below.
6. After that click Stop Logging on the WPE pro. you will get result like the picture below.

7. Right clicking on it then select Send. will appear the window like below.
8 . The final setting like the picture below..
9. Click send and your done...thanks so much...
10.klw gak tau artinya artikan ja di:http://translate.google.co.id/

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